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Slow Food

Rita T.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Our Cesarina Rita’s love for cooking comes from the teachings of her mother who, since time immemorial, would gather friends and family around a constantly full table. Nowadays Rita re-transmits this love to her two children with whom she loves to share her culinary art. It’s an art composed of experiments but which is in following with the sound principles of tradition, and with a particular interest for desserts.

The Warmth of the Eternal City

English translation in progress

Rita offers a typically roman menu which warms the heart – perfect for cold winter’s days.

We begin with a classic: tripe roman style. This is a hearty appetizer which is enriched with tomato pulp flavored with mint. The first course continues the tradition: rigatoni pasta with carbonara sauce, an emblematic roman dish which is flavorful and tasty like no other dish. The second course is breaded, sautéed pork loin. The loin is one of the parts of pig with least fat, which makes it perfect for frying. This dish is made even more flavorful by the side of chicory cooked with oil and chili peppers.

The dessert ‘smells of home’: apple pie, which this Cesarina gives a few unconventional additions to: she puts almonds, ginger and cinnamon. If you’ve never had a steaming hot slice of this pie, now is your chance to try it!

  • Tripe roman style
  • Rigatoni pasta with carbonara sauce
  • Breaded, sautéed pork loin
  • Chicory cooked with oil and chili peppers
  • Apple pie with almonds, ginger and cinnamon