Marco S.

Cusago (MI) - Lombardia

Marco, one of our Cesarine, welcomes us in a gorgeous country house not far from Milan. It’s a quiet area, immersed in greenery, where we can sample genuine, creative dishes which have been made with ingredients sourced exclusively from the local Po Valley territory.

“My constant search for the primary ingredients of the land started in my many travels.” In his modern and spacious kitchen, which is also perfect for cooking classes, Marco loves to cook and tell us little anecdotes and stories about his childhood that have sparked his passion for cooking. “My grandparents who owned a delicatessen, my dad who still cooks aged 84, and my innately fine palate are the founding roots of my interest and passion.” A passion which later was able to evolve thanks to long sojourns in various parts of the world, from Japan to USA and India to England; which have made him discover new flavors and culinary traditions.