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Slow Food

Valeria A.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

A person’s love of cooking is always a magical story to tell. In Valeria’s case, her passion has been a part of her life since childhood: “I remember my grandma getting up at the crack of dawn to start cooking, our traditional Christmas lunches, spaghetti alle vongole, cassata, and ‘wedding soup’ on Saint Stephen’s day.”

As our Cesarina grew up, her passion for cooking never waned, in fact was always a part of her as she got older, becoming more aware: “For me, cooking is a sublime moment of sharing and generosity, which is why I love organising dinners for my family and friends. I especially love cooking hearty dishes with light, organic and high-quality ingredients, to keep my family and guests healthy and happy.”

The finest Neapolitan dishes, the finest organic produce

Enjoy locally-sourced vegetables and dairy products at Valeria’s table

Cesarina Valeria opens the doors of her stunning home, offering a Taste Experience in the name of tradition and excellent produce.

The antipasto is the perfect introduction to the experience, both light and delicious: an appetising selection of fried vegetables, all local and organic. The first course is another celebration of local vegetables, as she serves spaghetti ‘alla Nerano’, a typical neapolitan dish with a zucchini sauce.

For the second course, Valeria celebrates an absolute must of Naples’ culinary tradition, cheese. She serves a tris of local cheeses: fresh mozzarella, provola and little ricottas. On the side, another tris: this time with squash, zucchini and eggplant. Alternatively, you can choose an organic mixed salad.

To round off the Taste Experience, our Cesarina chooses to serve a fantastic dessert with a melting heart, wisely accompanied by refreshing vanilla gelato… An absolute delight for the senses!  

  • Selection of fried vegetables (frittura mista)
  • Spaghetti alla Nerano
  • Tris of local cheeses (mozzarella, provola and ricottine)
  • Mixed salad or grilled vegetables (squash, zucchini, eggplant)
  • Chocolate fondant with vanilla gelato
All produce is local and organic