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Hi! I'm Valeria.

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wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Cavatelli pasta with tomato and basil
I speak: French, Italian, English

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Valeria A.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

A person’s love of cooking is always a magical story to tell. In Valeria’s case, her passion has been a part of her life since childhood: “I remember my grandma getting up at the crack of dawn to start cooking, our traditional Christmas lunches, spaghetti alle vongole, cassata, and ‘wedding soup’ on Saint Stephen’s day.”

As our Cesarina grew up, her passion for cooking never waned, in fact was always a part of her as she got older, becoming more aware: “For me, cooking is a sublime moment of sharing and generosity, which is why I love organising dinners for my family and friends. I especially love cooking hearty dishes with light, organic and high-quality ingredients, to keep my family and guests healthy and happy.”

From appetizer to dessert, freshness and quality

English translation in progress

Our Cesarina, Valeria, opens the doors of her splendid Neapolitan house to offer a taste experience of healthy and traditional food, with a refreshing and light menu that is perfect for the hot Neapolitan summer days. We start with an appetizer of tuna pâté, followed by the classic cavatelli pasta with tomato and basil.  For the main dish, we could not miss out on a product that is a must in Neapolitan cuisine, dairy, proposed by Valeria in a delicious organic mix based on mozzarella and braided fresh cheese, accompanied by a side dish of organic potatoes.  

To conclude our journey of flavor, our Cesarina chooses to serve a fantastic dessert, the king of Neapolitan pastry, the babà (a small yeast cake soaked in rum syrup) topped with whipped cream and wild strawberries... a real delicacy!

  • Tuna pâté
  • Cavatelli pasta with tomato and basil
  • Mozzarella and braided fresh cheese
  • Organic potatoes
  • Babà (a small yeast cake soaked in rum syrup) topped with whipped cream and wild strawberries