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Barbara G.

Venezia (VE) - Veneto

Cesarina Barbara welcomes you into her home with open arms. This breathtaking house is situated in the perfect location, right in the city centre, but sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots. At her dinner table, you will be guided through the most evocative culinary traditions of the lagoon. “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved learning how to cook. I learned from my grandmother, who prepared traditional Venetian dishes with infinite wisdom: in fact, my grandparents ran a restaurant for many years, so I have always lived and breathed for making guests feel welcome. I love cooking for my friends and family, and over the years I’ve specialised in Venetian dishes, as they are so varied and full of flavour, a true expression of Venice’s precious and rich history.”

Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of the most famous canals in the world, where you will enjoy a timeless selection of traditional dishes. Only a magical city like Venice can promise such a special experience.

Once upon a time in 'La Serenissima'

The venetian tradition in the modern day

Barbara’s winter menu makes use of seasonal produce, as she adds her own personal touch to some classic Venetian dishes.

She begins by serving an appetising antipasto, where sea and earth flavours meet for a truly harmonious combination: scallops, fresh from the market, served with porcini mushrooms.

For the first course, we have a very particular “risotto vulcano” (volcano risotto), a striking dish that brings together the deep black of squid ink and the vivid hue of tomato sauce. For the second course, fish plays a starring role once again, as Barbara serves calamari squid stuffed with radicchio, one of the region’s typical vegetables. On the side, she serves pumpkin prepared in the traditional venetian style, “in saor”.

To round off the Taste Experience, Barbara prepares a delicate chestnut and persimmon mousse, accompanied by ‘baicoli’ traditional venetian biscuits.

Scallops with porcini mushrooms
Risotto vulcano (with squid ink and tomato sauce)
Squid stuffed with radicchio
Pumpkin “in saor”
Chestnut and persimmon mousse with baicoli biscuits

Carefully selected local wines