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Slow Food

Maria Gabriella A.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Milan is a city unique in its kind, because it manages to breathe the international air typical of modern times, without however ever losing its Italian soul.

It’s here that Maria Gabriella has lived for a few years “In 2017 I left everything behind to take a professional cooking course in Milan. In these years I have changed my understanding of tourism and I have become more and more aware that when I travel I wish to live authentic moments, like the experiences of the local population”. Our Cesarina has therefore decided to promote the riches of her city, opening her home up to travelers in order to teach them about Milan’s gastronomic history. 

A Traditional Milan Winter

In Milan North, a quiet residential area which is well connected to the touristic parts of the city, Maria Gabriella welcomes her guests with much enthusiasm, ready to make them experience her cuisine at her Milanese dining table. Her winter menu, in fact, consists of a classic farmer’s tray of mixed cold-cuts and cheeses which come from the local territory, accompanied by yummy crunchy polenta.

The main dishes are also classics of the Milanese tradition: the first course is riso al salto, or risotto fritter. It was invented as a dish aiming to reduce food waste, made with leftover risotto. However, story has it that Milanese wives loved the dish so much that they would purposely make an extra portion of risotto in order to cook it ‘al salto’ the next day. Even the second course is a dish that can always be found in a Milanese winter: savoy cabbage wraps with a side of mashed potatoes, warm and delicious.

To end the meal there is a dessert typical of the region, sbrisolona (literally: crumbly) cake with almonds.

  • Mixed cold-cuts and cheeses
  • Riso al salto (risotto fritter)
  • Savoy cabbage wraps
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Sbrisolona (crumbly cake with almonds)