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Slow Food

Alessandra C.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Monteverde is one of Rome’s most famous neighborhoods and is considered the city’s corner of green, a place of great peace and tranquility. Its fascinating history takes the listener far back in time. Although now part of the city center, it still retains the charm of its hillside location, as if it were isolated from the bustle of the city.

In this elegant and lively district, with its bars and restaurants that are full of life even in the evening, we meet Cesarina Alessandra. Her home is the place to go for dinners, lunches and a light nibble. In short, we go to Alessandra’s to indulge ourselves!

Alessandra is passionate about cooking, with a marked fondness for desserts. Seated around her table, we eat and talk, even about food and culinary traditions. She loves to pamper her guests who often leave with jams or sweets, so that the flavors of the evening can stay with them a little longer.

The typical flavors of the Roman winter

  • Artichoke flan with pecorino cream
  • Chickpea soup with rosemary
  • 'Coda alla vaccinara'
  • 'Puntarelle' with anchovies
  • Meringue tart