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Annamaria C.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

A cook both professionally and for pleasure, our Cesarina Annamaria boasts many culinary experiences both in Italy and various parts of the world. “my cooking combines tradition, health and a great attention to the ingredients and lightness of dishes”. Situated between the dynamic university neighborhood of Cittá Studi and the more residential Lambrate, Annamaria’s home is on the top floor of a stunning building and has a dining room surrounded by a gorgeous veranda with a view of the roofs of the city.



Seasonal Aromas and Flavors

In Annamaria’s home we taste dishes which come from the Milanese tradition and which radiate seasonal aromas and flavors.

We begin with a crunchy summer salad with green apples and chopped hazelnuts. Next up is a risotto with seasonal vegetables, followed by a must of Milan’s cuisine: Milanese breaded cutlet, with arugula and cherry tomatoes.

The dessert brings with it the warm colors of summer: roasted peaches with chocolate and amaretti biscuits.

  • Summer salad with green apples and chopped hazelnuts
  • Risotto with seasonal vegetables
  • Milanese breaded cutlet
  • Arugula and cherry tomatoes
  • Roasted peaches with chocolate and amaretti biscuits