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Slow Food

Silvia M.

Carpenedo (VE) - Veneto

Although born in Trieste, Cesarina Silvia has lived in Venice ever since she was a child. Consequently, it is inevitable that she has a love for the sea and its bounty, which she enjoys cooking every day.

Her cooking is characterized by a diet low in fat and rich in vitamins. In the past, she worked as a food and wine journalist, so she takes great care in combining food with the right wine. Each dish must always be accompanied by a good glass of wine! Today she is an artist, creating eighteenth century costumes for fashion shows, a passion that links her to her beloved Venice and an innate creativity that we can admire and taste in her cooking.


Traditional yet light!

  • "Spritz" with olive and orange slice that accompanies baked potatoes, "poenta e schie" (soft yellow polenta with lagoon shrimp), croutons with salted Vicenza style cod and/or creamed
  • Bigoli in salsa (whole wheat spaghetti topped with the traditional anchovy sauce, onion, pine nuts and sardines)
  • Baked sea bass
  • Grilled radicchio of Treviso
  • Tiramisu (in the variant with dry biscuits and without alcohol)