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Slow Food

Roberta R.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

In the stunning capital of the Lombardy region, Milan, our Cesarina Roberta opens the doors of her gorgeous apartment close to the historic center, to all the lovers of the cuisine of the region. “I like cooking, sampling new flavors, pairing different ingredients and personalizing dishes.”

Milan is tradition

The taste experience in Roberta’s home begins with a tasty starter of bresaola (salted, aged beef) slices and creamy goat’s cheese.

The main act of the meal is up next: it’s delicious polenta served with savoy cabbage and pork, a dish which comes from the Milanese poor-man’s cuisine tradition. It’s rich and unique in flavor, and pairs perfectly with a light side salad.

Finally, to end in the best way this mixture of flavors, Roberta serves a classic dessert of Italian cuisine: the tiramisu.

  • Bresaola slices and creamy goat’s cheese
  • Polenta and 'cassoeula' - polenta served with savoy cabbage and pork
  • Light side salad
  • Tiramisu