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Slow Food

Caterina P.

Mirano (VE) - Veneto

Our Cesarina Caterina, who is the daughter of a sommelier and of a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, lives only a few kilometers from the joys of Venice, in the delightful city of Mirano. “The traditional cuisine of the venetian inland and my vocation for food were transmitted to me by my mother and a whole generation of women who view cooking not only as a daily task but as an occasion for passion, research and love.”

Flavors of the Venetian Inland


The flavorful journey our Cesarina Caterina offers begins with a starter of venetian sopressa, a local cold-cut, accompanied by a giardiniera salad of pickled vegetables.

The first course is a classic of the regional cuisine: a tasty pumpkin risotto. Another traditional dish is the second course, which is pork cheek with savoy cabbage, which Caterina serves with a side of red radicchio salad.

Last there is the dessert is an explosion of flavors: the traditional baicoli biscuits accompanied by a soft mascarpone cream and mostarda vicentina, a local fruit jam.

  • Pumpkin cream
  • 'Bigoli in salsa'
  • Pork cheek with savoy cabbage
  • Red radicchio salad, Monte Veronese (local cheese) and pomegranate
  • Baicoli, biscuits with a soft mascarpone cream and mostarda vicentina