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Slow Food

Silvia B.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

Our Cesarina Silvia lives in stunning Florence, famous hub of art, literature and culture, in a quiet and leafy area which is close to the historic center of the city.

Silvia truly adores the cuisine of her region, Tuscany: “I’m passionate about cooking, but most of all I love cooking typical Tuscan dishes”.

Welcome to the Florentine kitchen


The flavorful food adventure which our Cesarina Silvia offers us begins with a starter of mixed crostini, which are typical of Tuscan cuisine.

The first course is also a typical local dish: Maltagliati pasta (literally: badly-cut pasta) with black cabbage. This dish is so simple and so delicious! Next Silvia brings some exquisite 'rosticciana', which is grilled spiced pork, and accompanies it with a side of peas cooked with ham.

To end this flavorful journey, we couldn’t miss the castagnaccio, a cake made from chestnut flour which is one of the most renown and beloved desserts of this splendid region.

  • Mixed crostini
  • Maltagliati pasta with black cabbage
  • Rosticciana
  • Peas cooked with ham
  • Castagnaccio