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Barbara R.

Siena (SI) - Toscana

Barbara welcomes us in a corner of paradise near Siena, immersed in the nature of wonderful Tuscany, one of the most beautiful cities of the region.

A perfect location surrounded by the Sienese hills, where she loves to welcome her guests and serve typical dishes from her region. Our Cesarina is very careful about the choice of ingredients, she prefers organic products sourced locally. The vegetables are harvested from her vegetable garden, the flours are ground from ancient grains that come from a small stone mill near her house.

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Summer on the Sienese hills

Our Cesarina serves genuine local produce, for a perfect taste of Siena's summer atmosphere. 

We start with the classic mixed bruschetta, which varies depending on what's growing in Barbara's vegetable garden.

For the first course, we have a typical Tuscan dish, ideal to enjoy on a warm summer evening: Panzanella with breadcrumbs. "Vieni amico. Che fai di là dagli Apennini? Non hai anche tu lavorato a bastanza per la tua sementa di làppole e pugnitopi? Vieni: la panzanella con le cipolline e il basilico è così buona la sera". This is how famous Italian poet Giosuè Carducci recalled this typical peasant dish, which was originally created to avoid wasting Tuscan bread. It is a family favourite for Tuscans thanks to its fresh taste, perfect for the summer season.

The second course is another classic take on Tuscan cuisine: 'tagliata', strips of beef, accompanied by roast potatoes. To finish a humble apple pie, a typical recipe of the Italian tradition; each family has its own apple pie recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

  • Mixed bruschetta
  • Panzanella with breadcrumbs
  • Tagliata
  • Roast potatoes
  • Apple pie