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Slow Food

Alessandra Maria Cristina K.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Alessandra was born and raised in Milan, she lives in the city center, a city that amazes for the emotions it can give: it's modern, lively, full of beauty and artistic works.

Milan is, of course, also cuisine and tradition that we can discover and enjoy at the home of our Cesarina.

Alessandra loves cooking for her family and friends, she likes to propose inherited recipes and to try out new dishes.



Tastes and flavours of northern Italy

Alessandra's art is to combine the Lombard cuisine with tastes and flavors of northern Italy.

The appetizer's flavours are the strong ones of the stewed escarole with pine nuts and capers, followed by a symbol of Italy - risotto alla Milanese - the famous dish with the color of gold rich in history and legends. The second belongs to Alessandra's family, a recipe inherited and handed down over time - roasted turkey with a mustard creamy sauce - thats looks pretty promising with spicy flavour, served with sauteed peas with butter and onion.

Finally - mascarpone cream - a spoon cake that enhances the taste, thanks to the velvety consistency of the cream, that our Cesarina enriches with crispy crumbs.



  • Stewed escarole with pine nuts and capers
  • Risotto alla Milanese
  • Roasted turkey with a mustard creamy sauce
  • Sauteed peas with butter and onion
  • Mascarpone cream with crispy crumbs