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Slow Food

Natalia Pia R.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia


Natalia began to love cooking when she started learning how to cook by herself, as she made use of the culinary wisdom passed down by her mother and grandmother. 

She serves a taste of Apulian cuisine in her elegant home in the center of Milan where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and the flavours of her humble cuisine. 


The autumn's colors

Natalia serves simple and tasty Mediterranean recipes.

The table is filled with autumn colours. We begin with a vegetable appetizer: savory tart with ricotta cream, zucchini, potatoes  and parmesan. This is followed by the bright hue of pumpkin risotto with taleggio cream. Next we have a second course of fish; swordfish parmigiana served with baked potatoes. An interesting variation of the classic Parmigiana. 

The dessert is one of the world's most loved desserts, often imitated but never equalled: tiramisu, a soft and creamy delicacy.

  • Savory tart with ricotta cream, zucchini, potatoes  and parmesan
  • pumkin risotto with taleggio cream
  • Swordfish parmigiana
  • Baked potatoes
  • Tiramisu