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Slow Food

Alessia F.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

For Alessia, our Cesarina, cooking is art and it is never just the preparation of some gastronomic specialties, but a philosophy of life, a way to interpret reality.

Alessia loves cooking everything with her own hands, from puff pastry to desserts, from tradition to experimentation.



My wines
  • Pignoletto colli bolognesi
  • Bianco DOC colli bolognesi
  • Pignoletto riesling "le vaie"
  • Cabernet sauvignon riserva 2012
  • Barbera DOC "monte gorgii"
  • Predappio di predappio
Bologna la Grassa

Bologna is the perfect city to walk under the porticos, to discover its winding alleys and get lost in the streets of its beautiful historic center. Here, in the heart of the city, Alessia welcomes her guests for a truly 'Bolognese style' taste experience.

The Experience begins with an aristocratic and refined recipe, galantina with mayonnaise, a Bolognese favourite since the Renaissance, inspired by a French recipe, the "ballotine". Next, a simple but exceptional dish that is perfect for the colder months, the 'zuppa imperiale'. Made with tasty ingredients: the Parmigiano and the golden cubes of bread, "drowned" (as they say in Bologna!) in an excellent broth. The second course is a great classic that we cooked our grandmothers, meatballs, with potatoes and friggione.

Alessia's culinary experience ends with a delicious 'zuppa inglese': the union of a soft sponge cake, soaked with Alchermes and layered with crème pattissière.




  • Galantina with mayonnaise
  • Zuppa imperiale
  • Meatballs with potatoes
  • Friggione
  • Zuppa inglese