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Carlo C.

Roma (RM) - Lazio


Carlo, one of our Cesarine, likes to define himself as a globetrotter. His job, in fact, takes him traveling across many continents in order to experience and appreciate different cuisines, but in his heart there’s always a special place for Italian cooking!

Between travels Carlo lives in Rome, in an area surrounded by greenery close to the historic center of the city. In this unusual location, Carlo invites you to share in his passion for cooking – particularly for traditional roman recipes – and for music: “I like to compare cooking to a concert, where you must play well and seriously, but (most importantly) while having fun.” 


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Rome, the eternal city


Rome is the ‘eternal city’, unique for its history and its traditions which are also linked to culinary art. Here, in one of the most evocative cities of Italy, Carlo makes us taste the traditional roman cuisine; the authentic cuisine, which is composed of the homely flavors of tradition, and dishes with simple recipes and stories behind them.

In his rustic living room with a fireplace and guitars hanging from the walls, the atmosphere is just right for spending a pleasant lunch or dinner in company.

Here, cheerfulness is assured and the perfect starter for the meal is bruschetta with sautéed chicory. Next, our Cesarino serves ‘Grandma’s chickpea pasta’ and describes the recipe as though it were a fairytale told by his grandmother. 

Following this: 'abbacchione' (lamb roast) with potatoes, a typical second of the culinary tradition of Lazio, and of Rome in particular, renowned for lamb meat, the main ingredient of this recipe. The inviting scent of this dish and its succulent and amber aspect, are in perfect harmony with the climate that is breathed at the home of Carlo.

And to cap this wonderful meal off Carlo serves a jam tart, by definition one of the classical ‘grandmother’s desserts’. Each Italian grandmother has her personal recipe for this, and each grandchild affirms that their grandma’s is the best in the world.

  • Bruschetta with sautéed chicory
  • Chickpea pasta
  • 'Abbacchio' lamb
  • Roast potatoes
  • Homemade jam tart