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Slow Food

Manuela F.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

In the busy neighborhood of Sant’Ambrogio one can experience the traditional Florence, with its lively lifestyle, and its sounds and flavors which signpost that here can be found an original, artisanal and artistic culinary tradition.

In this central area, home to many locals, our Cesarina Manuela welcomes us in her apartment in an ancient Florentine building. From here can be admired an enchanting city which never ceases to surprise, with its art masterpieces, colored church marbles and architecture that evoke the splendor of Renaissance culture and art.

Manuela makes us taste the flavors of the traditional Tuscan cuisine, which she learnt to appreciate thanks to her grandmother who is a fantastic cook, and to her dad who is also very skilled in the art.

A selection of Tuscan aromas and flavors

Through simple and genuine ingredients, Tuscan cuisine gives life to a variety of delicacies which tell the story of this land.

The tasting experience in Manuela’s house makes us discover the cuisine’s rich flavors thanks to a background of extensive research and scrupulous attention to detail which she applies to each of her dishes.

One of the most popular starters which have Tuscan bread as a main player is mixed crostini, which our Cesarina makes using strong-flavored and tasty ingredients: bread crostini with sausage and stracchino (a soft cheese) and crostini with beans and black cabbage.

The first course is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons: risotto cooked with Chianti wine. Rice is one of the most versatile cereals and works well paired with any ingredient. The red wine from the Chianti region is perfect for this, and immediately evokes the green Tuscan hills covered in vines.

Next up is chicken cooked Tuscan style, a classic recipe which has been in Manuela’s family for many generations. It’s made with love, imagination and many flavour-rich ingredients such as wine, shallots, black olives, raisins and a mix of aromatic herbs which give the dish an unmissable flavour, and which ensure it pairs well with a side of roast potatoes.

To finish, Manuela asks “shall we drink a glass of vinsanto?” a dessert wine that must, of course, be accompanied by cantucci cookies.

  • Crostini Toscani with (sausage and stracchino, beans and black cabbage)
  • Risotto cooked with Chianti wine
  • Chicken cooked Tuscan style
  • Roast potatoes
  • Cantucci cookies and Vin Santo