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Elisabetta C.

Siena (SI) - Toscana

A traditional meal inside a typical Sienese home, located in a tower that stands in a region that has remained unchanged for centuries. The view from the fifth floor balcony is one of the most spectacular in Siena! In this particular context, in the historic center of the city, we meet Elisabetta, our Cesarina.  

Elisabetta has cultivated her passion for cooking for a long time, ever since she was a child when she would watch her grandmother, entranced, as she rolled out dough, prepared ragu, paté for the crostini, sweets ... she learned secrets and traditions that today she wants to pass on to her own children.

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Childhood memories

Our Cesarina welcomes us to her apartment in the historic center of Siena, not far from Piazza del Campo.

Here we can relive with her images, memories, aromas, feelings related to her childhood, the days spent in the kitchen with her grandmother... and then the table begins to fill with traditional dishes. We start with an appetizer of crostini with egg, followed by a bean soup, one of the most well known dishes of Sienese cuisine, prepared with fresh, quality products, like olive oil and red onion.

For the second course, stewed pork. In ancient times, this dish was prepared the evening that a pig was slaughtered, using left over scraps and the sweetbreads after the various cuts of meat were processed. Our Cesarina serves this antique recipe with potatoes 'alla fattoressa', another recipe from the past... 

Tradition continues with a legendary sweet, panforte. Born in medieval Siena, the recipe is based on spices, candied fruit, almonds, honey and chocolate.

  • Crostini with egg
  • Bean soup
  • Stewed pork
  • Potatoes 'alla fattoressa'
  • Panforte (spices, candied fruit, almonds, honey and chocolate)