Barbara C.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Barbara, our Cesarina who was born and raised in Milan, has always been passionate about gastronomy: she loves cooking and she likes to read about it too. If you need any advice just ask her: her library contains over 400 books of recipes, history of culinary art, and foodie romances.

She inherited from her grandmother a 1918 copy of the “Science in the Kitchen” by Artusi (in turn inherited from the great-grandmother) and a 1938 copy of Carli’s recipe book. These texts, with the inclusion of the epic 1970 ‘Nonna Papera’s Manual’, have been a source of inspiration for Barbara since she was a little girl and her grandmother would cook gnocchi with ragout, cassoeula (a savoy cabbage and pork dish) with polenta, and cutlet cooked Milanese style! And as a young girl she would practice with her Easy-Bake oven with which she made mini pizzas and cakes on the daily. In the nineties she was a pastry chef, she opened a laboratory/bakery and to this day continues mass-producing desserts and more for friends and family!