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Barbara C.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Barbara, our Cesarina who was born and raised in Milan, has always been passionate about gastronomy: she loves cooking and she likes to read about it too. If you need any advice just ask her: her library contains over 400 books of recipes, history of culinary art, and foodie romances.

She inherited from her grandmother a 1918 copy of the “Science in the Kitchen” by Artusi (in turn inherited from the great-grandmother) and a 1938 copy of Carli’s recipe book. These texts, with the inclusion of the epic 1970 ‘Nonna Papera’s Manual’, have been a source of inspiration for Barbara since she was a little girl and her grandmother would cook gnocchi with ragout, cassoeula (a savoy cabbage and pork dish) with polenta, and cutlet cooked Milanese style! And as a young girl she would practice with her Easy-Bake oven with which she made mini pizzas and cakes on the daily. In the nineties she was a pastry chef, she opened a laboratory/bakery and to this day continues mass-producing desserts and more for friends and family!

"La cusinna a Milan"

There is a particular area of Milan that is halfway between traditional and futuristic. It's in constant evolution and in the past years has had a significant architectonic revaluation. This neighborhood is called Isola. Here, a short distance from Piazza Gae Aulenti, where it is impossible not to look up and admire the new Milanese skyline, we meet Barbara. Our Cesarina loves to pamper her guests, making them feel at home and cooking for them, and bringing joy to the palate, eyes and heart.

The flavor experience which Barbara proposes is in honor  the traditional Milanese cuisine and consists of winter dishes that warm both body and soul, and begin with the classic Milanese aperitif and end with the city's typical amaro liqueur.

We begin with a tendon and spring onion salad, accompanied by the famous cocktail “Milan/Turin” where campari and vermouth are used in equal parts, and an orange slice is added to give it a bittersweet flavor.

The first course is bean soup with fresh pasta; it's followed by a second consisting of boiled beef with green sauce, red sauce, yellow sauce and spicy mustard, and a side dish of onion gratin.

We end with a dessert from the region around lake Como, the Miascia cake, which is made with old bread, raisins, apples and pears. This is a dessert which is best enjoyed while sipping coffee and Fernet Branca, a digestive liqueur.

  • Tendon and spring onion salad, accompanied by the famous cocktail “Milan/Turin”
  • Ban soup with fresh pasta
  • Boiled beef with green sauce, red sauce, yellow sauce and spicy mustard
  • Onion gratin
  • Miascia cake | coffee and Fernet Branca (digestive liqueur)