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Costanza P.

Siena (SI) - Toscana

“A masterpiece resulting from inventiveness and dedication in the way architecture is designed and embedded into the urban structure." This is Siena! It is also describes the architectural perfection of this Tuscan city, as described by UNESCO upon Siena’s inclusion in the World Heritage List. 

Within this architectural masterpiece, where time seems to have stood still, lives our Cesarina. Costanza greets us in her home located in an elegant building that dates back to the year 1000 and is now furnished in a classic and refined Tuscan style. 

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Dinner is served with mushrooms and truffles!

Siena has many faces: city of art, city of culture, city of the Palio and city of good food. The good food found at the home of Costanza, who delights us with a truly luxurious menu based on truffles and mushrooms

The culinary experience proposed by our Cesarina has us experiencing authentic Sienese cuisine, rooted in antiquity and enhanced by Roman and Etruscan influences, enlivened in the Middle Ages by the abundant addition of aromatic herbs and characterized by the excellent ingredients that are fruit of the surrounding countryside: olive oil, beef, cheese and wine. 

The meal begins, in fact, with a selection of cheeses, cured meats and crostini neri (grilled bread and chicken liver pate). The first course is a delicious and sophisticated dish: tagliatelle with truffles, the truffle is one of the most precious and distinctive products of Tuscany. The second course brings more autumn colors and flavors to the table, scaloppine with porcini mushrooms, accompanied by a hot soup of potatoes and leeks, perfect for coldest days.  

Our meal concludes with two delicacies of the ancient confectionery tradition, Panforte - with almonds, candied fruit and mixed spices, all combined with a delicious syrup of honey and sugar and baked in the oven - and Ricciarelli, cookies made with almonds, sugar and egg white, truly a treat!

  • Selection of cheeses, cured meats and crostini neri 
  • Tagliatelle with truffles
  • Scaloppine with porcini mushrooms
  • Soup of potatoes and leeks
  • Panforte and Ricciarelli