Alessandra N.

Venezia (Città Metropolitana di Venezia) - Veneto

Divided into nine islets, crossed by a wide canal, Murano is the island of glass blowing, an antique tradition. Still thriving today, entire generations of local glassmakers have kept this magical art alive. 

In the atmosphere of a quiet lagoon, in a typical home with a garden overlooking the banks of the water, we meet our Cesarina, Alessandra, daughter of a Venetian mother and Neapolitan father. Alessandra grew up with the good fortune of being able to enjoy the typical dishes from these two wonderful cities.

From the mise en place in the colors of summer to the more classic colors of winter, Alessandra’s table is rich in dishes full of Venetian flavors, but without forsaking little touches that recall the cuisine of her origins, the region of Campania.

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Flavors from the sea

A trip to the most famous half of Venice’s lagoon. The island of glass and elegant calli (streets). Ideal for getting away from Venice for the day and enjoying the warmth and tranquility that Murano offers and make it unique. A truly special place to relax, pass the time in good company and enjoy a typical Venetian meal full of the flavors of the sea is at home with Alessandra. 

Our Cesarina welcomes us in her characteristically Venetian home, with a garden that lies between the small streets of Murano. It’s here that we begin our unforgettable experience.

Our host starts by spoiling us with an abundant appetizer: classic crostini with a creamy salt cod, along with sardines in saor (sweet and sour sardines), mussels au gratin, polenta and schie (shrimp typical to the Venetian lagoon). Following, trofie (a local pasta) with shrimp and zucchini, a refreshing flavor perfect for hot summer days. After, fish 'in cassopipa', one of the oldest dishes from the Chioggia culinary tradition. The word 'casso' refers to the terracotta pot used in cooking. Pippa derives from the verb pippare, referring to the slow simmering of the sauces over the fire, which is left to cook for hours and hours. A unique recipe for the simplicity of the ingredients and preparation that was originally created by the lagoon fishermen. Alessandra accompanies the main dish with a side dish of vegetables: a mixed salad containing arugula, cabbage, carrots and peppers.

Dessert fills the table with the colors of summer, panna cotta (baked cream) with a mixed berry sauce, where the delicate flavor of the panna cotta combines beautifully with the intense flavor of the berries!  

  • Crostini with a creamy salt cod, sardines in saor (sweet and sour sardines), mussels au gratin, polenta and schie (shrimp typical to the Venetian lagoon)
  • Trofie (a local pasta) with shrimp and zucchini
  • Fish 'in cassopipa' 
  • Mixed salad containing arugula, cabbage, carrots and peppers
  • Panna cotta (baked cream)