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Slow Food

Gaetano R.

Napoli (Città Metropolitana di Napoli) - Campania

Gaetano, our Cesarino from Naples, loves entertaining and organizing dinners for friends. For him, the kitchen is a means of bringing people together. The table becomes an encounter, a convergence, an exchange of ideas, good cheer, a ritual. The table has always been synonymous with intimacy, closeness, friendly sharing. Sharing the same table always produces extraordinary conversation and debate.  

Cooking  is a healthy way to distract oneself from day to day problems. On the “no” days, Gaetano begins to fillet, chop, sauté , season, turn on the stove and cook.

A warm and embracing menu

Just a few steps from one of the cultural sites of Naples, the Royal Palace in the forest of Capodimonte, which looks far out over the gulf and also houses some of Italy’s most important works of art, from Caravaggio to Botticelli, from Goya to Mantegna,  we meet Gaetano, our Cesarino.

Gaetano welcomes us with a smile and typical Neapolitan kindness and good humor that immediately makes us smile! From the kitchen come inviting aromas... we sit down around the table, ready to experience the flavors of Naples.

We start with a classic, eggplant parmigian 'in buccacciello', served in small glass containers. Following are paccheri with ragu, a typical pasta from the Neapolitan tradition, with a rich and flavorful sauce that conveys the aroma of home, transporting us back to Sunday lunches with the family. The warm and embracing menu, prepared by Gaetano, continues with braciola and friarielli, pork chops with slightly bitter but very flavorful leafy vegetable, a Neapolitan specialty.  

Our meal ends with a real treat, the Caprese cake. Made with chocolate and almonds, it’s able to warm up even the coldest of days.

  • Eggplant parmigian 'in buccacciello'
  • Paccheri with ragu
  • Braciola
  • Friarielli
  • Caprese cake