Eugenio D.

Vico Equense (NA) - Campania

Vico Equense is the stretch of the Sorrento Coast where the curves of the highway soften and allow you to appreciate the mix of colors that the sea, the beach and the surrounding nature, give this city. Head to Seiano, a small hamlet in Vico Equense, directly overlooking the sea, with views of Mount Vesuvius and the Lattari Mountains toward the left, and meet Rosa and Eugenio, our Cesarini.

In a magnificent location, in an apartment dating from the eighteenth century that is both elegant and eclectic, furnished with period pieces and various collections, our Cesarini offer an unforgettable culinary experience, flavors of the sea and that convey the atmosphere of the Bourbon courts. 

After several years of being a member of the Slow Food organisation, Rosa became its secretary, which is a demanding role requiring a great deal of diligence and passion. Her passion for her work comes hand in hand with her passion for cooking: Rosa has always loved learning kitchen secrets, which all started under the expert guidance of her grandmother. She studied at the University of Gastonomic Science in Pollenzo, where she took two courses.

Eugenio began cooking 30 years ago, primarily out of need, but gradually he discovered a strong passion. He dedicated himself to reading culinary newspapers and magazines; later attending cooking classes that provided him with a more scientific approach. Afterward, he discovered an interest in Monzù cuisine - the brilliant interpretation of courtly Neapolitan cuisine - and it was here that he found his true passion!