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Andrea M.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Vomero, an elegant Art Nouveau district full of tree-lined streets, scenic areas, shops and fine restaurants. This area is dominated by the imposing Castel Sant' Elmo and the Certosa di San Martino which stands opposite and offers a spectacular view of the city. In this hilly area, a few steps from the Ceramics Museum, a treasure trove of art and history, we meet our Cesarino, Andrea, keeper of stories and secrets of family recipes.

Andrea’s passion for cooking was passed on by his mother who was also an excellent cook. Fascinated by the traditional regional recipes of his home for as long as he can remember, he interprets them by researching ingredients and ancient cooking techniques. He also researches innovative flavors, using the splendid ingredients from the land and sea of ​​Campania. "I like to cook Neapolitan ragu in terracotta pots and for at least eight hours of cooking time. I use seven cuts of meat, as was done in the antique Neapolitan tradition."

The Neapolitan 'o magnà'

Even for our Cesarino, ragu is an absolute necessity that must cook in terracotta pots for at least eight hours, using the various cuts of meat as indicated by antique Neapolitan tradition. Ragu is the perfect sauce for the mixture of meat that serves as a second course along with a side dish of friarielli, vegetables from the Neapolitan countryside, preceded by a 'frittura all’italiana', various types of deep-fried seasonal vegetables, and then the apex of Neapolitan cuisine: mozzarella in carrozza, panzerotti and potato croquettes, and a sampling of pizza. As a first course, the classic gnocchi 'alla Sorrentina', prepared following the family's secrets.  

Andrea then pulls a cake rich in tradition and history out of the oven, the Neapolitan pastiera, made of short crust pastry, cooked wheat, ricotta cheese, eggs and the intense aroma of orange blossom water.

  • 'Frittura all’italiana', various types of deep-fried seasonal vegetables, and a sampling of pizza
  • Gnocchi 'alla Sorrentina'
  • Mixture of meat with ragu
  • Neapolitan pastiera