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Slow Food

Laura G.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

In Cesarina Laura’s family, the typical cuisine has always been an intimate, family tradition handed down for generations, starting from her ancestors who owned a typical Neapolitan trattoria in the heart of Naples. Laura’s great grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have jealously preserved all the secrets and tricks that cannot be found in any cookbook. Cooking for Laura is a spiritual exercise, where the combination of aromas, scents, flavors and colors energize her as she continues to fall even more in love with this noble art ... "cooking for others enriches me and fills me with pride."

A gastronomic walk through the narrow streets of Naples

It is fascinating to walk through the narrow streets of downtown Naples and relish its uniqueness. Afterward, stop at the home of Laura, our Cesarina, to sit with her at the table and savor her cooking. We start with an appetizer of Maruzzara bean soup with grilled bread, a dish that was once cooked during cold spells by local fishermen aboard their boats. Following, 'manfredi' with ricotta and Neapolitan ragu, a recipe that is historically linked to Manfredi di Svevia, King of Sicily. The manfredi resemble lasagnette with curly edges and is a symbol of Neapolitan cuisine, considered by many ‘o piatto d”e feste, a dish for festivities. For the main course, Laura serves us meat ragu and a side of friarielli (a green leafy vegetable), following Neapolitan culinary tradition.  

For dessert, the king of pastry, the babà. This classic recipe was originally brought to Naples by the monsù, people who offered up their services to the noble Neapolitan families.

  • Maruzzara bean soup with grilled bread
  • 'Riccio' with ricotta and Neapolitan ragu
  • Meat ragu
  • Friarielli
  • Babà