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Slow Food

Patrizia D.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

Patrizia, our Cesarina, lives in an historic street in Bologna. An area known for being lively and popular, it is full of typical Bolognese charm characterized by irregular porticos and yellow and red overlapping houses. An intimate and welcoming street, a kind of a city within a city, and a perfect starting point for those who prefer exploring the historic center of Bologna on foot.  

Patrizia's house is cozy and elegant, and you can breathe the air of home, family and tradition. Tradition is the key word that distinguishes the culinary art of our Cesarina. She loves to cook local dishes prepared with a variety of homegrown products. Dishes like piadina, a thin Italian flatbread, served with cured meats or pumpkin squash prepared for the coldest winter days, and refreshing dishes filled with colorful seasonal vegetables for the hottest, Bolognese days, such as the dish par excellence, a type of Italian terrine known as galantina.


The Bolognese original cuisine

  • Erbazzone (savoury pie)
  • Gnocchi (or tortelli) with pumpkin, gorgonzola and pancetta
  • Hunter's chicken stew 
  • Potatoes with herbs and tomato
  • Tenerina with zabaione