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Slow Food

Margherita P.

Venezia (VE) - Veneto

Full of Calli (streets) and campielli (squares) alternating with countless picturesque views, the beautiful canals, and the crowds climbing relentlessly up and down over bridges, steps and walkways, Venice is a city that requires no presentation. Its name says it all.

However, here in Venice, there is a place where you can still enjoy the sounds and smells emanating from the kitchens at lunchtime instead of just hearing the buzz of the crowds. We are in Cannaregio, where Cesarina Margherita lives. As we enter her cozy home, we are attracted by the kitchen, perfect down to the last detail, and by the table, rich with the season’s harvest.

Margherita loves reading and writing (she recently published her first book) and, of course, good food. She prefers simple and traditional cooking tied to family traditions and to the dishes that her mother prepared.

Between calli and campielli

  • Schie boiled with white polenta
  • Shrimp cup in pink sauce
  • Sea bass with salt
  • Boiled potato salad with taggiasca olives and salt capers
  • Creamy ice cream with warm berries