Carla V.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Halfway between Pozzuoli, known for its seafront promenade and Solfatara volcano, and Naples, with its many neghborhoods teeming with life and monuments, we can stop by the home of Carla, our Cesarina. Carla loves the flavors and fragrances of Neapolitan cuisine. Moreover, she also loves design pastry-making, but she never forgets the traditional desserts of Naples.   

In the kitchen, Carla finds her inner tranquility. She likes to cook for hours: kneading, decorating, listening to the sound of the pan sizzling, enjoying the heady aroma her homemade ragu’. In the kitchen, her thoughts transform into flavors. 

In the warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is truly pleasant to sit at Carla’s table, which she always decorates with imagination, and enjoy her culinary creations.