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Slow Food

Sonia D.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

In the heart of the historic center of Naples, a few steps from Piazza Carlo III and the botanical garden, where nature and history merge, we meet Sonia, our Neapolitan Cesarina DOC. Her home is welcoming and luminous, and in the backdrop, Mount Vesuvius. It is a perfect location to rediscover the ancient flavors through a unique culinary experience.

From the first moment we step into Sonia’s home, we are astonished by Sonia’s great passion for art - she paints and has been a ceramic artist, as well. Her passion for art suffuses everything she loves to do, including cooking. To prepare her dishes, she chooses ingredients that she elaborates with imagination, creativity and tradition, but always within the framework of the Neapolitan territory, a cuisine of unmistakable fragrances, colors and flavors.


With artistic hands

  • Pizza with escarole, fried pizza, Neapolitan sandwiches, aragula and cherry tomatoes, black olives in oil
  • Fresh pasta with aubergines and provola
  • Stuffed beef chop (grandma's recipe)
  • Friarielli 
  • Tart with ricotta cream and almond