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Slow Food

Luciana Z.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

Cesarina Luciana lives just a few steps from Porta Saragozza. This porta or gate stands at the beginning of the famous 666-arch arcade, the longest in the world, leading to the Santuario di San Luca.  The gate is a point of reference for the Bolognese, a local welcome home. 

You will also feel at home with Luciana as you breathe in the air of tradition, a tradition of family lunches, her grandmother's notebook of hand-written recipes to be handed down from generation to generation, of rolling out dough, of a steaming plate of tortellini...


The recipe notebook

  • Cold cuts, mortadella and 'crescenta'
  • 'Passatelli'
  • Tasting of mixed boiled meat
  • Green sauce and 'peperonata'
  • 'Torta di riso'