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Slow Food

Annunziata F.

Ercolano (Città Metropolitana di Napoli) - Campania

Ercolano is located in the center of the beautiful Gulf of Naples. It is a jewel of antiquity, a place for archeology lovers to lose themselves, where natural, historical, archaeological and architectural treasures can be admired. All of this, of course, without neglecting the culinary delicacies we can enjoy at the home of Annunziata, our Cesarina.

Annunziata began to cultivate her passion for cooking from an early age thanks to her large family She initially devoted herself to the preparation of Neapolitan dishes and later she began experimenting "in her own way", creating a mix of history and innovation.

The culinary experience at Annunziata's home is a delightful journey through the most authentic recipes from Campania, then moving on to the Sorrento peninsula and finally arriving to the flavors of the real Naples. To accompany us, a warm and lively atmosphere in an elegant setting, and an opportunity to enjoy the splendid view that overlooks the entire Gulf of Naples. The table is set simply and elegantly, a reflection of Annunziata’s personality.


A delicate journey through the Campania delicacies

  • Escarole pizza, black olives and anchovies, buffalo mozzarella from Campania
  • 'Gnocchi alla sorrentina'
  • Sausages
  • Friarielli
  • Pastiera