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Slow Food

Luisa C.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Posillipo is without a doubt the most famous hill in Naples and also the most celebrated for its beauty. The name itself speaks of its most valued virtue. Pausilypon (name of a nearby ancient Roman villa) means "a rest from cares". It is one of the most enchanting and sought-after areas of the city. The sumptuous and hidden villas, the cliffs overlooking the sea, the breathtaking panorama make it an obligatory stop for tourists and a dream for the city’s inhabitants.

Here, in this corner of paradise, we can enjoy an authentic culinary experience at the home of Luisa and Maria, our Cesarine.

Luisa and Maria are food bloggers and lovers of the culinary arts. Already back in their high school days, they were buying culinary magazines and books, experimenting with new recipes and making variations on traditional ones. Dynamically and with creative flair, they position themselves in front of the stove, ready to begin a new adventure: lunches and dinners for the family - where the most feared critics are the children (but they always pass with full marks!) - and for new guests who impatiently wait to sample their recipes, which they create with passion and imagination.

In the enchantment of Posillipo

  • Mini potato gateau
  • 'Sartù di riso' (Neapolitan Rice Timbale)
  • Sausages and baked potatoes
  • Friarielli
  • Caprese with ice cream, seasonal fruit
  • Coffee, tangerine or licorice liqueur