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Slow Food

Annamaria V.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Cesarina Annamaria welcomes us to her home on the seventh floor of an elegant building in the Città Studi district. Parks and gardens cross the neighborhood and different generations live together in close contact. Here you can browse in both old and trendy shops and the art galleries themselves are small gems to discover.

"Milan is a beautiful city that is undergoing change. Skyscrapers are replacing the old houses with their characteristic railing, but despite everything, it is still my Milan." This is how Annamaria describes her city. Although slowly changing face, the culture is still strongly linked to the history at its roots, as is the culinary art of our Cesarina who adores Lombardy cuisine. On occasion, she enjoys making her own small variations, since she likes to soften the ancient recipes with the lightness of healthier flavors and ingredients.

We begin this culinary experience with a true Lombardy menu including gastronomic combinations that recall the colder seasons, such as the Cassuola, a traditional dish prepared in the month of November, and the tagliatelle con porcini prepared in September. Afterward, a gastronomic tour of the Lombardy countryside where mundeghili, a dish of fried meatballs already known in the time of Manzoni, has us fully appreciate the rural area of the Po Valley.


Once upon a time...

  • Polenta with mushrooms and cotechino
  • Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms
  • The typical Milanese cassoeula
  • Seasonal salad
  • 'Torta meneghina'