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Slow Food

Sandra C.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta". This quote by the famous film director Federico Fellini is perfect to present Sandra, our Cesarina. For Sandra, food is and always has been a way to understand the local culture of a country or a place.

Sandra's passion for cooking has turned into a profession, and today she welcomes guests to her Garbatella apartment in Rome - an area still full of the local population and also lots of hidden surprises - for cooking and language lessons, a fun way to learn 'hands on’!

Everyone is invited to the table to sample the dishes prepared by our Cesarina: fresh pasta totally made by hand, just as her grandmother used to make it. The sauce, prepared with love and cooked slowly for a lengthy amount of time, is made from guanciale (pork cheek), tomatoes, pecorino Romano (aged cheese) and black pepper. All the recipes are from the Roman tradition, which focusses on the lightness of cooking and the choice of organic and seasonal ingredients. Sandra loves tradition but sometimes concedes to the latest culinary trend.


The Rome I've always known

  • Fried panzerotti stuffed with sheep's ricotta cheese, Roman pecorino cheese and spicy cheek, supplì of various flavors
  • 'Tonarelli (handmade pasta) alla carbonara' with organic egg, crispy bacon and pecorino romano waffles
  • Chunks of lamb with artichokes
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Tiramisu with dark chocolate shavings and 100% Arabica coffee, 'frappe romane'