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Slow Food

Emanuela N.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

The center of Milan, a crossroads of colors, sounds, life ... Here, just a few steps from the Duomo, in a home of traditional Milanese charm, we meet Cesarina Emanuela.

Emanuela is a lover of design, a passionate reader of cookbooks, and a great follower of several food bloggers. Born in Milan but with Tuscan origins, her passion for cooking varies between Tuscan and Lombard cuisine. The latter is also thanks to her born and bred Milanese sister-in-law who, over the years, has passed on the family recipes, such as their secretly guarded ragù ubriaco, which we can experience at Emanuela’s table, along with many other Milanese delicacies….. that absolutely must be tasted!

Family recipes

  • Pie with gorgonzola with spinach salad
  • 'Fusilloni al ragù ubriaco' (family recipe)
  • Mini Milanese chicken cutlets
  • Mashed potatoes
  • 'Torta sabbiosa' with mascarpone cream