Guia D.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

We are at the foot of the hills of Fiesole, just a few kilometers from the center of Florence, situated in a very unique environment, surrounded by greenery, nature and silence.

In a cozy home that is furnished with period pieces, family objects and many memories, we meet Guia, our Cesarina.

Her passion for cooking is rooted in her childhood when she used to follow her grandmother and mother around as they dedicated themselves to preparing delicious dishes from the Tuscan tradition, and others as well. Starting at a very young age, she would help them and so she learned their secrets. Above all, she acquired a certain familiarity with cooking that has led her to improvise, following her instinct and the inspiration of the moment.

Hospitality and entertaining are a part of her, as well as the desire to communicate and connect with others. Sitting around a table with good food is the perfect way to do this!


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Antique traditions of Tuscany

  • Mixed antipasto of Tuscan specialties: 'fettunta' with tomato, spelt salad, crispy 'panzanella', Tuscan pecorino cheese with honey
  • Cacciucco with chickpeas
  • Meatloaf 'alla fiorentina'
  • 'Fagioli all'uccelletto' (Tuscan recipe: beans cooked with sage and light tomato sauce)
  • 'Cantuccini & Vin Santo'