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Slow Food

Emma D.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

Bologna without its students is truly unimaginable. They fill the center with color and life at all hours of the day and night. It is here in a historic and elegant building located in the lively university area that we meet our Cesarina, Emma.

Bologna is also a city of unmistakable tastes and culture, hospitality and ancient charm. All the same features that define Emma’s cooking. It is an art and a passion that our Cesarina has cultivated ever since she was a child, fascinated by her mother’s natural ability to combine various ingredients. Today, it is Emma who is doing the cooking. Every time she cooks, she feels alive and lighthearted, and the end results of preparing a dish gives her a sense of unparalleled satisfaction.

Cooking for Emma comes naturally. It's such a spontaneous ritual that it’s no work at all.

A winter table

  • Mortadella and parmesan with goat cheese mousse and balsamic vinegar
  • Lasagne with ragu
  • Roastbeef with mustard 
  • Baked potatoes, perfumed with rosemary
  • Chocolate cakes with a soft heart