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Slow Food

Filomena A.

Pompei (NA) - Campania

Visiting Pompeii is a not to be missed experience by anyone visiting this part of Italy. The city crystallized in time after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, and walking through the streets of this ancient city is like walking back in time.

A must for all lovers of history, culture, archeology and good food, of course, the cuisine of Pompeii boasts a very ancient culinary tradition. In some respects, it has been influenced by the cuisine of Ancient Rome (Pompeii was one of its major colonies), as well as Africa and the Orient (spices and other products were being traded at the time to enhance local dishes with new flavors).

At the home of Filomena, our Cesarina, we can sample the flavors of this ancient cuisine blended with the strong and decisive flavors of Neapolitan cooking.


An explosion of taste

  • Casatiello (with salami and cheeses)
  • 'Ziti spezzati (pasta) con la genovese ramata' (sauce with meat and onion)
  • Beef stew 'alla genovese'
  • Spicy friarielli
  • Pastiera