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Slow Food

Clara e Vania F.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

There is a unique and unforgettable district in Milan called Porta Venezia, where history, architecture, creativity and innovation all come together.

Creativity and innovation are, moreover, the characteristics that distinguish our Cesarine, Clara and Vania, a mother and daughter who have always enjoyed a passion for the culinary arts.

Clara grew up with a mom who prepared fresh pasta every Sunday and her father had a bread bakery in Pienza, Tuscany.

Vania has transformed her passion for cooking into a real profession. After working for years in restaurant kitchens, even Michelin-starred ones, she began a career in restaurant management. She also loves fusion and contemporary cuisine, a love that has pushed her to travel to learn the techniques and secrets of traditions in other countries, but while always staying true to the Milanese gastronomic tradition.

Dishes to warm the heart

  • Mondeghili with lemon Mondeghili (a kind of meatballs made with ground beef, bread, eggs)
  • Polenta taragna (with butter and stringy cheese)
  • Salad with 'songino', lettuce and aromatic herbs
  • Chocolate mousse with caramel and salted butter