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Slow Food

Valeria e Valentina D.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

Parioli is a Roman neighborhood that holds a unique charm. It distinguishes itself by its marvelous buildings and large green areas. This neighborhood offers up so many different facets and after the Second World War it began to get noticed, becoming the hang outplace of famous movie stars, important theater actors and diplomats from all over the world. The history of Parioli is, however, dates back to the Roman period. Later, during the Middle Ages, the neighborhood was known as "Pelaiolo", a peasant term referring the fruit of the pear tree.

Valeria and Valentina greet us here in Parioli in their period home. Both lovers of the culinary arts, they have always enjoyed spending lots of time cooking and trying out new recipes, from the past and present. Their dishes are full of the memories and flavors of childhood, and their table setting is elegant and full of colors that vary according to the seasons. Their preparations tend to revolve around  baked goods (bread, breadsticks, taralli), all strictly homemade using our Cesarines own sourdough starter and extra virgin olive oil which they also produce themselves.

The ancient and true Roman cuisine

  • 'Grappolo d'uva ai pecorini laziali' (italian cheese)
  • 'Ravioli cacio e pepe' (homemade pastawith cheese and pepper)
  • 'Bollito alla 'Picchiapò' (boiled beef, typical Roman dish) (or broccoli flan)
  • Chicory
  • Tart with homemade jams (or creams)|homemade liqueurs