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Alba P.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Portici, between Naples and Ercolano, is also situated between the sea and Vesuvius. This ancient area was once home to the Bourbons, and the royal palace, botanical garden, forests with unique architectural elements, historical villas and the royal chapel containing the organ that a young Mozart once played can still be found.

Alba, our Cesarina, welcomes us to her elegant home overlooking the upper forest from which Vesuvius can be seen. Teacher and cook by passion, she has always dedicated her time to these two activities, either in the classroom or in the kitchen, and she has often brought the kitchen to class! She inherited her love of country cooking from her mother, who was born in a village in the Benevento province, as well as an appreciation of local ingredients and dishes. Alba then took it a step further, combining the family recipes with Neapolitan cuisine (and others). This fusion along with continuous inspiration she gets from traveling, stories, books and magazines has elicited dishes that seem to be the product of a creative workshop. Every dish is different every time!

The classics of the Campania cuisine

  • Stuffed artichokes
  • Tubettoni (pasta) 'cas' e ova' (cheese and eggs)
  • Veal dumplings with caciocavallo (cheese) and broccoli
  • Multicolored gateau with potatoes, pumpkin and spinach
  • Migliaccio (dessert of the Campania tradition)