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Slow Food

Beatrice C.

Como (CO) - Lombardia

"It is indescribable ... breathtaking Lake Como must be seen ..." This is how Cesarina Bea welcomes us to her cozy home in the historical town center of Como, located within walking distance of the lake.

Como is a fascinating city full of charm and history, as is Bea’s cooking - "my cooking speaks of the past" – uniting tradition with a strong creative flair. 

Tradition and creativity are the characteristics that distinguished Bea during her participation on the sixth edition of Bake off Italia, a cooking show dedicated to preparing traditional Italian sweets. Now, after this extraordinary event, our Cesarina awaits us for an unforgettable culinary experience...


A classic menu, which welcomes you with a warm hug

  • 'Nervetti' with sage
  • Onion soup
  • 'Polenta uncia' (polenta with cheese with the addition of melted butter)
  • Mushrooms with parsley
  • 'Miascia' (cake with stale bread with the addition of dried and fresh fruit)