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Slow Food

Barbara C.

Padova (PD) - Veneto

Padua is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. Art, culture, history and gastronomy, impressive squares, streets and shops, it has everything.

Cesarina Barbara welcomes us to her home, set between the cathedral and Carrarese Castle and near the city’s fourteenth century walls, it is a fascinating historical location.

Barbara is very much tied to home cooking and family recipes and she is always on the lookout for antique gastronomic texts, so as to better understand the history of her city’s traditional dishes. In her family, cooking and eating have always been done with great enthusiasm and passion, mostly using locally produced agricultural products, even while residing in the city. She loves being in the kitchen, preparing wonderful dishes for family, friends and guests. Always eager to improve her culinary skills, Barbara has attended courses ad hoc, as well as dining in select restaurants to learn more about a particular dish.

Simply good!

  • Radicchio salad with walnuts and Asiago cheese
  • Bigoli (homemade pasta) with rabbit sauce
  • 'Pollastro in tecia' (chicken and polenta)
  • Field herbs 
  • 'Torta riccio' (traditional cake)