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Spyros T.

Modena (MO) - Emilia Romagna

The monuments of Modena, a city built to human scale, speak of its history throughout the ages: from the strength of the Romans to the charm of the medieval period to the Baroque elegance of the era in which Bologna was the capital of the Estense Duchy.

Stopping to enjoy a meal in this city, where its fascinating history merges with the modern age, will allow you to discover the ancient flavors of Emilian cuisine. Let’s start at the home of Spyros, our Cesarino.

Spyros came in first in the MasterChef Italia program. His victory in this SKY Italia competition gave him the opportunity to publish a first cookbook of his recipes "Cuoco per emozione" (Rizzoli Publishing). Later he published a second cookbook, this time for young people, entitled "Help Kitchen - Guai in padella!" (also Rizzoli).

He has held cooking classes and organized evening tasting events for many restaurants, both nationally and internationally, offering samples of his exciting, innovative, creative and rigorously Italian cuisine, while keeping a close eye on maintaining simplicity and enhancement of basic ingredients.

In addition to his noteworthy gift in the culinary arts, Spyros also possesses a markedly pleasant character.

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A gourmet menu

  • Egg cooked at low temperature on parmesan cream and crispy waffle with balsamic vinegar of Modena PDO
  • Lasagne verdi alla Modenese
  • Pork belly cooked at low temperature
  • A ratatouille of crunchy seasonal vegetables
  • Zuppa Inglese e Bensone (traditional sweets)