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Anna Maria

Anna Maria F.

Matera (MT) - Basilicata

Visiting Matera, walking around or just admiring the Sassi and breathtaking views, is an unforgettable experience. UNESCO has honored the city by recognizing it as a World Heritage site and it could not otherwise, judging by the amazed reactions caused by the Sassi, the cathedral, the numerous rupestrian churches, the traces of a monasticism come from afar, the places of faith and pilgrimage, and the beautiful scenic nature. Moreover, on the occasion of its prestigious nomination as the European Capital of Culture in 2019, it has become a constellation of events and is preparing to welcome artists and tourists from all over the world.

Materana cuisine, which consists of rustic country dishes prepared with locally produced products, are to be discovered.

Cesarina Anna Maria’s cooking is also something to be discovered. She loves organizing dinners and parties and also caters events, such as exhibitions or inaugurations. She enjoys meeting people and it is for this reason that she has decided to become a Cesarina and create memorable culinary experiences for her guests.

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The flavors of the past

  • Grilled or stuffed vegetables, mushrooms au gratin, macco bean (a kind of polenta) with witfried olives
  • Strascinate (homemade pasta) with cicerchie, mushrooms and fried sausage
  • Lamb with potatoes
  • Salad
  • Orange and dark chocolate cake | Baked goods served with homemade liqueurs