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Hi! I'm Cristina .

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wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Milanese minestrone soup (served warm)
I live in: Milan
I speak: Italian, English

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Cristina R.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

Welcoming you to Milan are its many events and happenings, but one shouldn’t forget the culinary variety that this big city offers: from traditional cuisine to the latest in food trends.

To better savor Milan, stop off at the home of our Cesarine, Cristina and Daniela. For them, cooking is a pleasure for both the eyes and the palate. Their table setting is both whimsical and refined and they love to experiment, just a bit, with new combinations of aromas and flavors when preparing the area’s traditional recipes. 

Savoring Milan

  • Salad with pears, pecorino cheese and pine nuts
  • Milanese minestrone soup (served warm)
  • Cotolette with tomato gremolada (Milanese garnish of raw, finely chopped garlic, parsley and lemon zest)
  • Salad of green beans and potatoes
  • Bread cake (classic of the Milanese cuisine)