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Slow Food

Silvia S.

Lecco (LC) - Lombardia

Where the neighborhoods of Acquate and Caleotto di Lecco meet, in the area around the streets traveled by Alessandro Manzoni in the years when he wrote Fermo e Lucia, later entitled I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed), Cesarina Silvia welcomes us to her bright and sunny home. No detail at her table and in her cooking is left to chance. Silvia has dedicated herself to cooking and hospitality all her life, working at and managing restaurants and hotels in the past.

Silvia creates a mix of flavors and colors when she cooks, always using seasonal and locally grown products. In summer, she is sure to serve the catch of the day and polenta, a tradition in Lecco cuisine that is enjoyed year round. Rightly so, as it triumphs above all else! In recent years, our Cesarina has also become expert at cooking gluten-free dishes, which she enjoys experimenting with by reworking the traditional Lombardy recipes that have been handed down through her family.

Flavors and aromas of the Manzoni streets

  • Savory pie with "coste" and speck
  • Tricolor Spazzle (made with spinach, pumpkin and slinzega (type of sausage)
  • Meat stew with porcini mushrooms 
  • Polenta
  • 'Torta grigna' (traditional cake from the Lecco area)