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Slow Food

Dick B.

Varenna (LC) - Lombardia

Perched on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Varenna is a charming fishing village that should be explored slowly. Take a romantic stroll along the lakefront to admire the reflections in the water and the facades of the colorful houses.

In this tiny village divided into a network of streets that slope steeply down toward the lake, we meet Cesarini Monica and Dick, who welcome us warmly. In their cozy home, we are immediately drawn to the terrace with its beautiful view of the lake and the houses that are reflected in the water.

Dick's love for the culinary arts began very early. Today he manages a restaurant, as well as conduct his home activities as a Cesarino with the collaboration of his partner, Monica. Together they love to further their knowledge of local, national and international gastronomic traditions. Their education is ongoing, touching on all areas of enogastronony, and their endeavor as Cesarini is a challenge that brings together their personal culinary history with the local flavors of the Larian triangle.

In Varenna, the cuisine of the area and beyond

  • 'Sciatt' (crispy fritters with cheese) served with fresh salad
  • Risotto with blueberries
  • Turkey with porcini mushrooms
  • 'Polenta taragna'
  • 'Baked ice cream' (sponge cake with ice cream and meringue, served hot)