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Elisabetta S.

Tivoli (RM) - Lazio

Immersed in nature but just a few kilometers from Rome, Tivoli is full of charm, culture and tradition, and this is true from a food and wine perspective, as well.

At Cesarina Elisabetta’s home, we can experience simple and wholesome dishes that are similar to the Roman culinary tradition but with a strong rural flavor typical of the culinary culture of this area. Here we can discover the unmistakable taste of ancient flavors, prepared from recipes that had never been written down, but were learned directly from the memory of Elisabetta's grandmother.

The atmosphere is cheerful and friendly and we can enjoy Elisabetta’s cooking sitting around her splendid and colorful table. In spring and summer, a breathtaking view of the city can be enjoyed from her terrace.


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The tiburtina cuisine: rich and appetizing

  • Fried cod fillets | Bruschetta with butter and anchovies
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Tripe with sauce
  • Chicory with tomato, potatoes
  • Ricotta tart with pine nuts