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Elsa A.

Maranello (MO) - Emilia Romagna

We are in Maranello, located in what is known as “Motor Valley,” on a hilly area where you can enjoy a view of almost the entire Po Valley.

Elsa welcomes us to her country home, which is full of family memories. Here you can sense the air of tradition.

Those born and bred in Modena, as was our Cesarina, faithfully follow Emilian tradition, never renouncing the pleasure of anything that is enjoyable and fun: a passion for automobiles, good food and good wine. Indeed, those who love good food even have their own moniker: the 'rezdore.' These are people who, like Elsa, have preserved and passed on recipes of traditional dishes over the years, and who are busy practically every day rolling out pasta dough.

Elsa is a mother, has always been a rezdora and, in recent years, successfully started a homemade pasta shop. With her family, she manages two restaurants. And now... she is also a Cesarina!

The recipes of the 'rezdora'

  • Fried polenta with mushrooms and sausages
  • Lasagna
  • Zampone (made from the front trotter of pig)
  • Stewed beans, mashed potatoes
  • Fried or baked sweet tortelli